Dear Camrose Community,

As the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread throughout the community where we all live and work, we have consistently looked for ways to help protect the health and safety of our staff members and customers. Since our inception, Camrose Le Chateau Hotel has been about doing the right thing for our community.

After a great deal of careful consideration, we are temporarily closing our hotel, restaurant & food services starting tomorrow, March 18, 2020 until further notice. I believe that is the right thing for our community; In fact, I believe it is our duty—to do all we can to help keep one another safe in this unprecedented moment.

We’ve always been deliberate and transparent when making significant decisions about our business. This is a difficult decision for any business, and I do not make it lightly. Our decisions are grounded in the belief that there are more important things than business right now—we owe that to one another.

Know that we will continue to work closely with our staff members and public health officials to understand how to best serve your needs, and serve our customers as soon as local conditions allow. We’ll continue to share information with our staff members and the Camrose community as we move forward together into a future that’s hard to predict at this moment.

In the meantime, thank you for your understanding, your patience and, most of all, for being a part of this incredible community. Be well and take care of one another.

Yours Truly,


Camrose Le Chateau Hotel